Consciously Indian 

This article explores and discusses the reality of being Indian in Thailand. It goes over the issue of racism and how to deal with it. 

Casual Friday 31/01/20: FOR THE AUSSIES

We will be having a casual Friday this week (31st of January) and the the theme is “For the Aussies”. All of the proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross Relief and Recovery. Clothes include: green, red, orange, black and gold As per usual, please don’t forget to pay 20 Baht!

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

First interview back from winter break! In the seventh Personal Project interview, we talk to Ray, who will be re-creating family photographs on film, and Tiffany, who will be creating drawings based around different themes each week.

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hello! Today we have our sixth Personal Project interview! In this video, we talk to Fah, who will be drawing a collection of artwork displaying places around Bangkok, and Fourth, who will be cooking food from video games and replicating them as closely as possible.

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hey everyone! Once again, it’s time we posted our fifth interview for the Personal Project interview series! This time we interview Pi, who will be creating bubble tea that is influenced by Thai culture, and Sand, who will be self-learning how to create digital artwork. Enjoy :^).

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hihi! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween celebration at school yesterday! Today we have our fourth Personal Project interview featuring Nol, who will be creating a documentary about people’s lifestyles in Bangkok, and Nadia, who will be making stress-relieving candles.


IT’S SPOOKY SZN AND THAT MEANS sitting around drinking overpriced pumpkin lattes in hoodies and sweats while waiting for Halloween. To spice your school life and raise your Halloween spirits, the service club offers some spooky and freaky Halloween treats on the upcoming “Trick ‘o Treat” bake sale. You can get a gross rendition of…

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

HOWDY. Today we have the third video of our Personal Project interviews! This time we interview Nod, who will be practicing his skateboarding skills, and Nisha, who will be designing an eco-friendly house.

Breast Cancer House Art Competition!

To all artists and art lovers out there, this is your chance to participate in this art competition and win some points for your house! This competition allows you to show breast cancer and raise awareness upon it! The deadline in October 31st, and you can submit by emailing Student Council. Good luck!