KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hey everyone! Once again, it’s time we posted our fifth interview for the Personal Project interview series! This time we interview Pi, who will be creating bubble tea that is influenced by Thai culture, and Sand, who will be self-learning how to create digital artwork. Enjoy :^).

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hihi! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween celebration at school yesterday! Today we have our fourth Personal Project interview featuring Nol, who will be creating a documentary about people’s lifestyles in Bangkok, and Nadia, who will be making stress-relieving candles.


IT’S SPOOKY SZN AND THAT MEANS sitting around drinking overpriced pumpkin lattes in hoodies and sweats while waiting for Halloween. To spice your school life and raise your Halloween spirits, the service club offers some spooky and freaky Halloween treats on the upcoming “Trick ‘o Treat” bake sale. You can get a gross rendition of…

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

HOWDY. Today we have the third video of our Personal Project interviews! This time we interview Nod, who will be practicing his skateboarding skills, and Nisha, who will be designing an eco-friendly house.

Breast Cancer House Art Competition!

To all artists and art lovers out there, this is your chance to participate in this art competition and win some points for your house! This competition allows you to show breast cancer and raise awareness upon it! The deadline in October 31st, and you can submit by emailing Student Council. Good luck!

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hey everyone! It’s about time upload our second post, so here we are: back with another Personal Project interview with our third victim: Jindy!

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Personal Project: the time of the year that E V E R Y G10 looks forward to. What better thing to do than to interview this year’s G10s to see how they feel about the Personal Project? Here’s Roxy (that’s me, eyy) and Nikky’s first interview of the school year with our first victims: Idea…

5 Things to Know (9th – 13th September)

Happy Friday! Here are 5 news highlights of the week. 🙂 Astronomers discover water for the first time on a ‘potentially habitable planet’ This planet, named K2-18b, is orbiting within the habitable zone of a distant star. falls in a planet category of “super Earth” as it is about twice as big as our planet….

34 Questions with MR PAUL!!!!

Hello Everyone! We have welcomed a lot of new teachers this school year, one of who include our new school head. What’s a better way to start off the year than know more about him? Please don’t forget to use 1080p HD to watch this video in the best quality. Have fun !!!!

5 Things To Know (26th – 30th August)

Happy Friday! Here are 5 news highlights of the week. 🙂 Hurricane Dorian heads towards Florida Although it is currently a category one hurricane, the US National Hurricane Center has warned that it may become a category four hurricane by the time it reaches the US mainland. On the Saffir-Simpson scale, a category four storm…