The Wolf’s Howl |13D| (Holiday Edition)

Hi! This article does not have the usual reviews and is more of a compilation of Christmas-themed recommendations from all over the school (and myself), so give these a listen for some holiday spirit 🙂

The Wolf’s Howl |4D|

Hello there 🙂 This week’s article is all about mellow sounds, so read on (and listen) for some good music.

The Wolf’s Howl |18O|

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week. To make your week even better, read on for a new set of song suggestions (which all are rated 7/7) by yours truly 🙂

The Wolf’s Howl |20S|

Hi there. So this week, we’ve got a couple more recommendations from some other G12s, including some from myself 🙂

The Wolf’s Howl |24A|

Hello everyone! First of all, welcome back to school you guys. Hope your summer was fun, relaxing and “productive” (I know that’s not true). Now that we’ve been back to school for about two weeks, the summer holidays feel like a distant memory of the past. So what better way to ease into the increasingly…

The Wolf’s Howl |15M|

Welcome back to this collection of the most chill picks of all. Today we’ve got: Ambience. Atmosphere. Lush vibes. Psychedelia. You name it. But before listening to any of the music in this article, I recommend you to plug in your best set of headphones/earphones/speakers/whatever you use for blasting good music because this article is…

The Wolf’s Howl |15F|

Hi there! So this week, we’ve got no recommendations from others, but just a bunch of more songs that I think you would enjoy for sure. Have fun:   Artist(s): LEEBADA (이바다) Album: HYPE (The 1st Mini Album) Year: 2016 Genre(s): R&B, Soul Thoughts: The first few seconds of this song and I was in love with the voice,…

The Wolf’s Howl |9N|

Hello again, people. This article is a continuation of last week’s list of student and (coming up) teacher recommendations. Enjoy! Clairo – Pretty Girl (suggested by Soojin – G11)  Artist(s): Clairo Year: 2017 Genre(s): Chill Pop (it’s not just pop, okay?) Thoughts: I just love how her monotonous voice and the low-quality-sounding music goes together (it just sounds like that to…