KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hihi! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween celebration at school yesterday! Today we have our fourth Personal Project interview featuring Nol, who will be creating a documentary about people’s lifestyles in Bangkok, and Nadia, who will be making stress-relieving candles.

KIS REVIEWS – The Lion King Live Musical

I know I am supposed to be the movie review guy, but last week I went and saw The Lion King live performance at Esplanade (shout outs to Ms. Kat) and I thought it was absolutely spectacular. I have been to a couple musicals live, such as Cats, Wicked and The Book of Mormon but…


IT’S SPOOKY SZN AND THAT MEANS sitting around drinking overpriced pumpkin lattes in hoodies and sweats while waiting for Halloween. To spice your school life and raise your Halloween spirits, the service club offers some spooky and freaky Halloween treats on the upcoming “Trick ‘o Treat” bake sale. You can get a gross rendition of…

Paws & Pens: On a Rainy Saturday Morning

Hey yall, we’re back!! So sorry for the disappearance, it’s been a busy couple of weeks :’) Again, if you have any creative work you would like to submit, please feel free to send me an email at! Enjoyyy I notice her hair first, Falling down her back in wet curls. I know yours…

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

HOWDY. Today we have the third video of our Personal Project interviews! This time we interview Nod, who will be practicing his skateboarding skills, and Nisha, who will be designing an eco-friendly house.

What Remains of MJ

There are many aspects of life that both inspire and frighten us: nature, emotion, the dichotomy of man’s good and evil … and celebrities. Many celebrities are recognized for their outstanding skill and incomparable talent in their respective fields. Some are well-known for their distinct personality and style that sets them apart from the rest….