KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hello! Today we have our sixth Personal Project interview! In this video, we talk to Fah, who will be drawing a collection of artwork displaying places around Bangkok, and Fourth, who will be cooking food from video games and replicating them as closely as possible.

A Rather Flattering Worldview

Greetings Dear Reader, Read your compass, position your sextant, and laugh maniacally as you burn your geography textbook (we’ve all wanted to do it at some point), today we look at topographical sensation that’s claiming the nations! Well, technically it’s only claiming a small portion of the Internet, but you get the point. Today, we…

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project

Hey everyone! Once again, it’s time we posted our fifth interview for the Personal Project interview series! This time we interview Pi, who will be creating bubble tea that is influenced by Thai culture, and Sand, who will be self-learning how to create digital artwork. Enjoy :^).


I haven’t been doing my do diligence as a good teenager and I haven’t been watching as many new movies as I should be to keep up these film reviews, but stay tuned because I promise I’ll get the Frozen 2 review out as soon as possible. For now, I am going to write a…

Is Apple Lacking Innovation?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time again. Rainy Season? No. Summative week? Not quite right either. A new $1000 slab of technological innovation marketed by Apple? Yes! As the unfunny joke before this suggests, a new iPhone has come out. Three, actually. This probably isn’t news anymore by the time I finish writing. Either way,…