Wolf Reads #29

The library will be closed soon due to the Grade 12’s exams. What better time to stock up on books? This week, some series that will keep you busy for a while.

Wolf Reads #28

The April break is fast approaching so why not borrow a few books to read over the holiday? Grimm Tales for Young and Old Goodreads rating: 4.1 The Grimm fairy tales are a staple diet for both young and old. Who hasn’t enjoyed these stories at least once in their life? In this version, Pullman…

A Literary Lunch!

Admit it. You enjoyed the last Literary Lunch. Well, you’re in luck! On Wednesday (March 14), we will be hosting another Literary Lunch! Join us in the library for some epic discussions and equally epic food to snack on. Note that the library will be closed for all other students so you might as well…

Wolf Reads #27

In honour of Dr. Seuss’ birthday (which was yesterday), here are some of his best — or at least my favourite — books. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Goodreads rating: 4.35 Whenever life gets you down, this book will definitely pull you up making you feel so energised that you’re bound to blast any barrier in…

Book Fair Coming Soon!

Yep, you read the title right! If you’re like me and shamelessly buy a huge number of books and take months to actually read them, then you’d better start counting down the days until the book fair! It will take place from March 21-23 near the auditorium staircase. March 23rd is also a dress-up day….

A Literary Lunch!

This Wednesday (February 28) is Literary Lunch! This is a brilliant opportunity to discuss books. Lunch can be preordered but there will be baked goodies and more provided. The library will be closed to all students who are not participating in A Literary Lunch. I hope to see you there!

Wolf Reads #26

This week, some romance novels. The Time Traveller’s Wife Goodreads rating: 3.95 Henry has always been able to time travel. He’s never been able to control where he goes but it’s always someplace significant. For instance, he meets Clare, his future wife, when she was just a child. The result? Well, Clare knows about all…