A Literary Lunch

A Literary Lunch-1.jpg

Calling all book worms (and people who occasionally open a book)! The opportunity has arrived, for you to let your inner book geek shine…or finally have an environment where you can read a book in peace. Wednesday the 14th of December (tomorrow) during lunch, the library will be reserved for people who want to read or discuss books only. If you’re looking for a place to hang out and be loud, please avoid the library.  In the library tomorrow you can read a book or discuss books with other groups of people or by yourself (if you’re discussing a book with yourself you might have a slight problem, but don’t worry the library will be a non-judgemental environment). The purpose of this is to let people who are interested in books finally have the library as a space for reading or discussing books in a peaceful environment (unless the Twilight and Harry Potter fandoms clash, that could be an issue). We’re going to try to make this a regular thing, so maybe once or twice a week if this works out. Hope you guys have fun and read on!


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