#RELATABLE: Summative Week

1. The moment you look at the calendar on ManageBac and see the first summative


2. When there’s the biggest summative of the entire school year tomorrow and you still haven’t started the first sentence


3. That moment when you look at your calendar on ManageBac and everything is red


4. You know you have a lot to do but you don’t want to do it


5. When all the late night studying got you grumpy and sarcastic


6. When you’re in study hall and have a summative due next period you haven’t even started yet


7. When you lose a summative on Google Drive at the last minute


8. When the teacher is sick so you have an extra day to work on the summative you forgot about


9. When the teacher expects more from you but you can’t even do the basics


10. When you remember the teacher saying it would be on the test and that’s all you studied but it isn’t on the test so now you’re screwed


11. Math tests got you like


12. This moment every student knows to be true


13. After summatives are over


14. When you get your grades and realize they’re an improvement from last year


15. And you show your parents those grades, feeling proud but they start lecturing you about how the grades still aren’t good enough


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