The Island of Paradise

Do you want to take some time to read about a place filled with nature and paradise? If you want to find out about the different perspectives of Balinese culture that you may or may not know, keep reading!

Bali, an Indonesian island, is one of the most popular islands that is perfect for a vacation. Many names have been given by those who have visited Bali with fulfillment and satisfaction, such as “paradise island”, “the last paradise on earth”, “the island of gods”, the morning of the world”, and many more. Since the 1960s, Bali has been so popular that it is recognized as one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world.

The culture of Bali for sure, is inclusive of their dramatic dances. A lot of tourists who have visited mentioned that when going to Bali for a vacation, Balinese dance performances should not be missed out. They are usually based on their religious functions, with the dancer moving their body parts in a jolted angular motion and with eyes wide open. They are so unique that tourists do not mind making their way to Bali just to watch Balinese dance with their own eyes.

Another important role within the Balinese culture is the Balinese religion, which has special support to make the place more interesting. While most of the Indonesians practice Islam, nearly 85% of the Balinese follow Balinese Hinduism. (Agama Hindu Dharma) Balinese Hinduism manifests in the belief that nature holds power and that spirits are influenced by each element. This aspect is very unique and gripping as their religion isn’t exactly identical to Hinduism but instead related to one of the Japanese religions, Shinto.

An offering that is made by Balinese Hindus for the gods is also one characteristic of their belief. It is called the Canang sari, which is beautifully handmade daily by the people there. Canang sari has the appearance of a small basket that is made with natural materials like coconut palm leaves, bamboo skewers, fresh colorful flowers, and rice. If you are out walking in this pleasant island, then this offering will be the first thing you’ll probably see by your feet as they are literally everywhere!

After reading this article, do you feel that you want to learn more about the different aspects of Bali all for yourself? Hopefully, your perspectives on Bali are now clearer, and I certainly recommend you to find out about this wonderful place by planning a trip there.


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