The rugged expanse nation

If you are looking forward to reading about some unique and interesting facts about a nation in central Asia or interested in its culture, this article is about Mongolian culture.

Mongolia is a landlocked country that is roughly in the shape of an oval and is located between China and Russia. In fact, Mongolia is the 6th largest country in Asia and the 18th largest country in the world. Its large area consists of a variety of sceneries, covering up the whole nation, which are mainly steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts, with the continental climate of long cold winters and short cool-to-hot summers, allowing various landscapes throughout the year.

One of the most famous terrains of Mongolia is the Gobi desert, which stretches from Mongolia’s south until the northern and northwestern parts of China, which is in fact, the largest desert in Asia and 5th largest in the world, covering up almost 30% of the nation. As you may already know, the Gobi desert is famous for having a very important historical background as the Great Mongolian Empire prospered in the Gobi desert along the Silk Road. Not only for that, but the desert is the largest reservoir of dinosaur fossil in the world.

Here is a fact that you might have already known from images of the Mongolian culture that you have seen before, but anyways, more than one-quarter of the Mongolian population live as nomadic herders. Since more than 3000 years ago, nomadic herders existed in Mongolia, who raised groups of sheep, goats, camels, yaks, and horses, which they still do. These families live in tents called a ger, which the roof slants downward, connecting to the round wall. It can be folded so that those herder families can easily move to different places depending on the change of seasons.

The diet of Mongolian nomadic herders predominantly consists of products of the animals that they raise, therefore, mainly dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and mutton. Airag is an example of a traditional national beverage of the country that is made from milk and is fermented. Airag contains milk from the most important animal of the Mongols, which is the horse. It is a drink that tastes slightly sour and has a bit of alcohol, which these herders present a bowl of it to each visitor when they visit as hospitality.  

Even though you may have already had some ideas of the general lifestyle of the population in Mongolia, hopefully, this article has guided you to more information about the country and its people.


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