SC Weekly Update

For this week’s updates we have:

  • HYPE YOUR HOUSE Competition: The Hype Your House competition is still ongoing and you can all participate until the end of this month! This is a really good way to show your house spirit and earn some house points along the way. First place will get 80 points while the house with the most submission will get an extra 10 points. We hope to see creative submissions from each respective houses! More details here.
  • Bags off the floor and into your lockers: Instead of leaving your bags on the floor infront of the cubbies, we would like to ask the students to put their bags into their lockers instead. Even if you do not have a lock, it is still much safer for your belongings if it is placed into a locker. People are tripping over and stepping on bags in order to get their own, so it would be a lot better for your property not to get destroyed over this problem. There is also the concern regarding  fire hazards. So we hope students will start to use their lockers instead of leaving their bags on the floor.
  • Bathroom Graffiti Issue: There has been an increase in the amount of inappropriate drawings and messages on the bathroom stalls. Please do not draw graffiti in the bathroom stalls. This is considered vandalism. The school is our shared property and it is all our responsibilities to respect and protect it. If you do see any drawings, you can take a picture and send it to your class’s SC representatives.

That’s all we have for this week. Thank you!

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