Grade 7 Residential Trip

This year, probably like any other year, the grade 7’s traveled to Chiang Mai for their residential trip. We took a plane to Chiang Rai and traveled by van the rest of the way until we reached the Maekok Outdoor Education Centre, the resort we stayed in. Throughout our four-day stay we did many activities, for example, we kayaked, collected bugs to determine water purity, taught stateless children and had team-building activities.

We had a blast and don’t take my word for it, here are a few comments from the grade 7’s themselves:

“It was fun and enjoyable, especially the night activity games.” – Kym, G7

“The insect collecting was interesting but kind of scary too.” – Ian, G7

“The kayaking was really fun and even better, it was hard.” – Lya, G7

“The team activities were my favorite part, even though some people in my group were not very cooperative.” – Ana, G7

Also here’s a photo gallery of pictures the grade 7s captured:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The staff at Maekok Education Center also asked us to make a little memento for a book they had which kept track of all the schools that visited. We had a time limit of just a little more than 24 hours. However, thanks to our amazing artists Sue and Becca, we were able to finish the page and turn it in in time. This is what the page looked like:

Resi 5


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