#RELATABLE: 5 things all online writers and readers can relate to

  1. When the current book you’re reading is getting somewhere exciting and the author stops posting. Like, for real! I want to know what happens next, WE need to know what happen’s next. Why does it have to happen now? WHY?
    giphy (1).gif
  2. Plot twists:
    I’m not talking about those minor plot twists (well actually, this applies to all). I’m talking about the really unexpected ones that flip your world upside down, like perhaps the protagonist falls-in-love with the antagonist, or the antagonist isn’t actually the antagonist, OR, something shocking is revealed which leaves you flabbergasted for 10 minutes. Yup, those plot twists are the worst.  Especially the one’s that play with your feelings, you know those romance stories how everything was okay one minute they’re all lovey-dovey then the next, they loathe each other/break up. Let’s move on to the writers!
  3. Writer’s block:
    This doesn’t only apply to book writer’s, it applies to EVERYONE who can write. Admit it, we’ve all been there before. It’s that annoying blank moment where you’re getting somewhere on your essay or report, then poof, you’re stuck staring at your paper for about an hour and a half. Or perhaps you’ve just run out of ideas to say or write about. Annoying, I know.
  4. Getting inspiration:
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    You have no idea how hard this is. One minute you’re saying that THIS is a very good idea then the overthinking kicks in and then you’re over analysing everything. Plus, do you know how many things you have to do in order to get in the inspirational zone? It takes countless hours of reading different books or articles, research and even watching movies.
  5. Lack of sleep:
    giphy (3).gif
    Pfft. Sleep? Ha, who needs it? Once you do get inspirational, that is a totally different topic. It’s like a fuel, an adrenaline rush. You end up spending your entire night awake, writing down bursts of different ideas, editing, revising all that fun stuff (not), but it is crucial in the writing field. Sometimes, you even put off your school work to write. It is a very rare moment which rarely occurs. So yes, you gotta use it to your advantage.

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