Paws & Pens: We Are Young

We cry.
We laugh.
We say ‘I’m fine’ when we’re broken inside.
We are a beautiful mess
That no one wants.
We are everything bad, wild.
We are everything pure, innocent.
We are who we are,
Without a filter.

We smile, then devour the world.
We lay it at our feet
Without a thought.
We breathe possibility
And radiate passion.
We don’t understand what the hell is wrong with
Trying new things, or
Feeling inexplicably sad, or
Staying out late.
We don’t understand so many things,
Yet we know it all.
Don’t we?

We dance to a shared heartbeat,
Nobody else shares.
And the world could be falling apart,
But all we need are in these earphones.
We cover our ears in a quiet room,
Where people scream at each other.
We shut our eyes in front of the mirror,
For fear of what others see.
We fake it til we make it,
Behind a mask of bittersweet self-neglect.

We are special in every way.
We are powerful.
We are hopeful.
We are young.


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