Wolf Reads #23

This week, some superhero-related books.



Goodreads rating: 4.2

All villains need sidekicks. That’s the logic Nimona uses to join Ballister Blackheart in his fight against the Institution of Law Enforcement. Their goal is to show the rest of the kingdom that Sir Goldenloin and the Institution aren’t the heroes they’re made out to be. But in doing so, the pair uncover some uncomfortable secrets about each other. Secrets which have the potential to split the two apart.

This is a hilarious graphic novel and is definitely worth reading. The illustrations are vivid and bright while the plot itself is well thought out. Nimona is available in the library.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer


Goodreads rating: 4.15

On the island of Themyscira live a society of battle-worn women—the Amazons. To become an Amazon, one must prove herself by facing an arduous task and pray to the goddesses with her final breath. For centuries, every Amazon has proven herself. Except for Diana.

Moulded by the hands of her mother, Queen Hippolyta, Diana has never been considered a “true” Amazon. When a ship catches on fire and sinks near the island, Diana violates Amazonian laws and saves Alia, a teenager with an ugly secret only to get caught up in a bigger destiny to rid the world of evil.

If you love DC and Wonder Woman, this is a great read for you. Wonder Woman: Warbringer is the first book in the DC Icons series where popular YA authors publish novelisations of your favourite DC superheroes. Take a look at Batman’s story if you’re interested.



Goodreads rating: 4.16

Ten years ago, the world was visited by Calamity. Normal, everyday humans were randomly gifted with supernatural powers. These superhumans are called Epics, but they’re not the heroes everyone hoped for. Following the murder of his father, David dedicated his life to discovering the strengths and weaknesses of Epics. He has only one thing on his mind: revenge.

The Reckoners trilogy, in a nutshell, plays with the idea of superhumans using their powers for evil. It reads like an action film–fast-paced and well-developed with awesome car chase scenes featuring hi-tech gadgets.

Note: Some summaries have been taken from my reviews on Goodreads and personal blog.


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