KIS Reviews – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Four students from a common school poetry stereotypical characters; the nerd, the introvert, the beauty queen and the famous school jock.

Somehow, fate (also known as detention) brought them together in a storage room in the school that needs to be cleaned up badly. As one would predict, this is when they find the Jumanji game; only this time, it isn’t a board game anymore.

It is a video game.

Just as any other movie in the world ever, we know not to approach things that make weird noises and looks like it has been isolated for years because it is literally covered in dust.

But of course, they just have to take a look. Little did they know that they wouldn’t only be getting a look, but live the characters of the game itself.

So… yeah, they get sucked into the game (no pun intended). Like, literally.

Suddenly they have to save this world called Jumanji (sounds familiar). If they succeed, they return to their normal lives.

But if they fail, they are stuck in the game or die.

Cliché much?.

With a great cast, good jokes, smoldering looks from the Rock, awkward comedic action between Jack Black and Kevin Hart, and bits and pieces of action and (high school?) romance, Jumanji truly welcomes the audience to the jungle abundant with streams of laughter and flourished fields of enjoyment.


– Ankit G9A


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