Valentine’s Day!

The following article was written by Nadya (G11).

Valentine’s Day is finally around the corner! Like every other year, we also have a Valentine’s Day auction where you have the chance to win a love broadcast, classroom surprise, love lockers (DP ONLY), or choose songs for morning radio. For more information about the auction (e.g. current bid & make a bid) click here.

February 12 is a CASUAL MONDAY! Woohoo! The theme is “Love”, so wear anything red, pink, or white. It will be 20 Baht as usual. Please pay at the entrance or to your SC class reps.

The roses that you have ordered will be delivered on the 12 of February. Also, there will be a BAKE SALE.

The last day to order roses is February 9 (contrary to the poster). Click here to place your order.


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