How To Be A Mess

The following poem was composed by Jedi G10.

Write a poem.

Forget that, write seven a day.

Write until you start calling writer’s block the blank period.

There’s a myriad of colors that others can see but to you the sky will never be blue

and you still feel sad but can’t bare to see it in words.

Sleep in.

Sleep in all day because you forget how bad it is for you to stay in one place all the time.

Learn how to rhyme tangled with lost; a newfangled loss of a sense of self worth at whatever the


Walk like you’re in mazes, forget all the phases and all your loved one’s gazes.

Realize that depressio- the monster and the mirror can often be the same.

But there is something to be appreciated about the pain.

Less strangle more struggle.

Lay under the rubble feeling like you belong there.

It’s not worth the trouble for you to wash your hair

Because who needs more time when you keep forgetting what day it is?

Smile less.

Smile less only obsess over what will never happen.

Create a divide, create a crack in every fiber of your body.

I am a captain with an empty harpoon facing a kraken but now I am the boat drifting at sea

Can’t you see?

You should smile only in the hopes that your breakup burns and failure scars will begin to heal.

But what’s the point if it isn’t real

But what is reality, if not painful?

Become a leader of an expedition to find the age old tradition of feeling nonexistent.

They say it takes persistence but how do you keep trying if living feels more like dying?

If fire feels more like burning?

If water feels more like drowning?

Maybe you’re just learning, how to let your heart keep pounding.

Maybe you’re just learning, how to









and repeat.


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