Unlike my other reviews, this one isn’t a newly released movie that I saw in the theatre (however it’s still pretty new). This movie is called Lady Bird which was released in 2017. I watched it during the holidays and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

Here’s a little blurb (that I stole from Google) for context:

Marion McPherson, a nurse, works tirelessly to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job. She also maintains a turbulent bond with a teenage daughter who is just like her: loving, strong-willed and deeply opinionated.

Why Lady Bird was great:

  • I adore Saoirse Ronan (the main actress) and she was so great in the movie

    • She even won a Golden Globe award for her role!
  • The main character has pink hair, which I think is pretty cool (we’ve all wanted to have pink hair sometime in our lives haven’t we? Just me. okay).
  • It’s very funny. I’m pretty sure I laughed within the first five minutes of the movie.
  • As a teenager, I definitely find myself relating to the character Lady Bird as she navigates friendship/family relationships and learns about growing up.
  • Timothee Chalamet (the actor) is also in the movie, and his character is hilarious. 
  • Honestly, all the friends of Lady Bird are hilarious and have such unique but realistic personalities.

(I especially love the friendship between these two)

My favourite part of the movie though, was that it’s very bitter sweet. Lady Bird is in her last year of high school and is trying to grow up, leave her family and go to uni. Her journey is probably something everyone goes though – and as a grade 12 especially – it really touched me because it’s v relevant at the moment.

I definitely would recommend some of the older kids watch this movie (cause it’s a rated “R” :P) but if you’re mature I recommend it to you too 😉


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