The Story of a Beautifully Murderous Protagonist: A Book Review of ‘The Cruel Prince’

Another amazing book to review! If you are searching for something more fantastical in ever possible way, then check out my review on the first book of Folk of Air Trilogy!

Death is a privilege.

It might not seem like one, but knowing that one day we will leave everything, is our true drive to really want anything.

Lying is also a privilege.

And that doesn’t need any explanation 😉

But here comes the master question…

How would you feel if you were the only one with these privileges?

The Cruel Prince is the first book of the Folk Of Air trilogy, where we meet our protagonist, young Jude, brought up by her step-father who murdered her true parents and kidnapped her with her sisters away from the human world to live with the immortal beings of Elfhame.

Whilst classic fantastic characters like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson discover the magic within themselves, author Holly Black develops a character repelled by magic in blood and soul, but stubborn to make the land of Fairies her home.

If you like a story with a surprising variety of strong character and plot development, where enemies become lovers and friendship turns to war then the Folk Of Air trilogy is the best fast-paced choice for you.

Even though the story is set in an extremely fantastical world with the need for revenge, greed, and power amongst every soul, the trilogy can still touch your hearts with the minute details of fatherhood, family and love that stay simple, sweet and oh so true.

Every character in this story is unique and the author has done a truly fabulous job in building the connections from who the characters  were to who they have become. It’s not a motivational story of a young girl becoming a woman nor is it not the story of a hero, but it’s the true story of what rage and feeling powerless can make us do, and that’s exactly how Black achieves authenticity in the trilogy.

The combination of raw emotions, and extraordinary plot twists, settings and characters are the true specialities of Black’s writing, and unlike so many other trilogies I’ve read, none of the three ever get tedious.

It’s basically ‘intoxicating’ as one of my favourite authors, Leigh Bardugo would say.

If I cannot become better than them, I will become so much worse. Jude, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

If you loved the Six of Crows duology or the Red Queen series, you will love this.

If you are a teenager who’s wanting to develop a habit of reading, this is a great place to start. If you are an intense or even a not-so intense fantasy lover, perhaps someone who simply wants to reduce their screen-time, get this book and I can guarantee that you will forget where you left your phone. 

Padma, G10A


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