5 Tips to Stay Healthy at School

Something I’ve noticed the past few weeks is that KIS has been filled with sick students. Loud coughs are heard from across the hall and people in masks are seen walking to their next period, so I’d like to give y’all a few quick tips so you can stay healthy and hopefully not miss a day of school!

  1. As friends, we steal each other’s foods. And of course, whether they’re sick or not, if we like that macaroni, we will eat it. So, tip number one is to not eat anything from a sick friend, or you might end up in the same condition.
  2. For people that are sick, please do not cough on other people. One, that will get them sick as well and two, don’t you think that’s a little disgusting?
  3. This one might sound very common but wash your hands. Especially after PE. Who knows how much bacteria you have in your hands after touching the floor of the basketball court?
  4. If you’re sick or have a cold, you might want to wear a mask. It could be extremely annoying and you might feel like half of your face is put under hot water after a while, but bare with it and you won’t get your friends sick too.
  5. Last but not least, if you’re very sick – don’t come to school! Health comes first and I’m sure the teachers won’t mind you missing a day or two.

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