The Wolf’s Howl |20S|

Hi there. So this week, we’ve got a couple more recommendations from some other G12s, including some from myself 🙂

  • OneRepublic – Connection (suggested by Aki G12):

Artist: OneRepublic

Year: 2018

Genre: Pop


“It’s one of those songs that make you dance happily, no matter where you are. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a crowd or in public 🙂 “ – Aki (G12)

When I gave this song a first listen, I definitely liked the chorus (and now it’s stuck in my head, so that’s great). It’s your classic pop song with an earworm melody and beat, something that you would listen to with a group of friends while jamming together.

Rating: 4/7

  • Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic (suggested by Arsineh G12):

Artist(s): Childish Gambino

Album: Summer Pack

Year: 2018

Genre(s): R&B, Soul


“It’s a very groovy song and I imagine myself listening to it while on a road trip with friends. The song makes me want to have a summer romance ;)” – Arsineh (G12)

Okay so yes, this “summer” song does give me a ‘chilling on the beach with your group of people or by yourself’ vibe. A good song to listen to 🙂

Rating: 4/7

  • Ariana Grande – no tears left to cry:

Artist: Ariana Grande

Album: Sweetener (a breathtaking album, just like the rest of her music)

Year: 2018

Genre: Pop (a skinny pop legend, that’s what she is)

Thoughts: Grande = God (because she’s complete perfection, do not fight me on this), and thus God = woman. You’ll get it if you’ve heard ‘God is a woman’. The music video is stunning, by the way. I love seeing her defy the laws of physics left and right. I should’ve done my EE on this. If you can’t tell by now, I religiously stan Ariana (I’ve never been more enthusiastic about anything else). And I have good reason to; it’s because of her voice, her visuals, her personality and in short, she is iconic. Okay, I’ll stop now. But have you even listened to all of her albums? If not, please go stream her music. Bye 🙂

Rating: 7/7 (well, what else did you expect?)

  • Parekh & Singh – Ghost

Artist(s): Parekh & Singh

Album: Ocean

Year: 2016

Genre: Pop

Thoughts: With their entire Wes Anderson aesthetic, they’re definitely the Indie-pop artists to look out for. Parekh & Singh are one of my favourite duos and I often listen to them when in need of something by Indian artists, and seriously though, they do not disappoint. Lovely music, amazing videos, and overall beautiful composition blended with a great voice.

Rating: 6/7


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