The Wolf’s Howl |10J|

Hey y’all, we are back with another Wolf’s Howl article. Since its the first one of the year (and happy new year to you guys!!), let’s take a look back at all the top and popular songs that either haunts you of or makes you long for the year that was 2018 :))


Childish Gambino – This Is America

Artist: Childish Gambino

Genre: Pop

Album: This Is America (Single)

Thoughts: In early of 2018, Donald Glover flipped the world inside out with This Is America, making sure that he would leave a mark in that year. After only appearing in SZA’s Garden (Say It Like Dat) since his hit Redbone, Glover came back stronger than ever in this song and singlehandedly This Is America broke the internet. It is one of the most memorable songs in 2018, a piece that is reflective of how the year went by with a lot of our society surrounded by politics, mayhem and legends. With in-depth analyses and random memes that were born from this song, this song is hard to not mention when looking back at 2018.

Rating: 7/7


Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris – One Kiss

Artist: Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris

Genre: Pop

Album: Dua Lipa

Thoughts: Whether you pronounce her “Doo-ah-lee-paa” or “Doo-ah Loopa” (or just don’t car), it doesn’t matter, because with her song One Kiss in collaboration with Calvin Harris was one of the few songs in 2018, that should be mentioned. Though this is a bias personal opinion, I found this song to be pretty average – I didn’t think it was great nor was it a song that really bopped. But I wanted to mention this song seeing that the singer grew so much during the during. In 2018, she went on tour and became one of the biggest new artist.

Rating: 4/7



Jay Rock – King’s Dead

Artist: Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future, James Blake

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

Album: Redemption

Thoughts: In collaboration with one of the biggest movies, Marvel’s Black Panther, and being one of many “mEmE SoNGs” of the year (la di da di daaa!!) how can I not mention this song?

Rating: 6/7


Artist: Ariana Grande

Genre: Pop

Album: thank u, next (Single)

Thoughts: This song taught me love, patience, and pain…ENOUGH SAID 🙂

Rating: 6/7




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