SC Update: October 1-8

This week’s update is a reminder of a few things we mentioned during Advisory.

  1. SC is forming an Environmental Club. If you care about the environment and want
    Environmental Club

    to make KIS a more eco-friendly school, this club is for you! For more information click here.

  2. Bags Policy: Starting this week, bags will be collected during break and lunch if they are found on the floor. Please use the cubbies on the first floor, the lockers or put your bag in your next class prior to rushing to the cafeteria.
  3. Hype Your House: Keep in mind that the deadline for submissions is October 5. More information here.
  4. Social Media Challenge: The #Bottleflip social media challenge ends this Wednesday (October 5). Click here for more information.
  5. Teacher-Based House Points: Starting this week, teachers will be awarding house points to those who exemplify the IB Learner Profile.
  6. House Activities from Wednesday: On September 28, SC had hosted house games during P6 and P7. Due to some irregularities, we have decided that the points earned from Skittles will not be counted for the final house points. Click here to see the house standings.

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